2001 - 2002:
series of five minute shorts for children, featuring 3D robot
animals in various adventures.  Delivery SVHS Video with
PAL B full compression codecs, broadcast ready
soundtracks and voiceovers on separate
Digital SVHS Video Tape:
The Fox and the Crow (daily for 14 days)
The Sad Toadstool (daily 28 days)
The Halloween Adventure (daily 21 days)
The Christmas Story (daily 21 days)
Skarkentol Series 'Kidnapped', 5 minute shorts starring
Hocus & Pocus, two robots with their dog Bark from
the robot planet 'Skarkentol', a Space
Adventure (run daily 12 weeks on Meridian  ITV).
Below are two animations from the actual film,
Click the image to run the 10 second scene....
Skarkentol Christmas Story Hocus & Pocus    
Skarkentol1 (Anim) Skarkentol2 (Anim) Hocus