The ideal database for everyone, easy to use and fully functional.  The database incorporates report printing, record printing, search by surname facility and a pull down surname list and also a calendar.
I started writing this program in 1997 as I couldn't find a database that met my needs, all the databases (Outlook for instance) were just too slow, complicated and bulky, this database is small, fast and easy to use.
This database is written in Delphi 5 with Interbase 5 using Paradox 7 tables, and the install program used is, Install Shield for Delphi 5.  I realise that the programming is a bit old and out of date but I  find it comfortable to use and it makes for very secure programming.
All my programs will only run if correctly installed, and all come with a Windows help file, which will not run in
Windows 7.   All my software is written with Windows XP as the platform....
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